At D & D Roofing, we’re experienced at installation and repair of some of the most common types of daylighting options for commercial roofs and residential roofs.

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Skylights are horizontal windows, placed on the roofs of buildings. Skylights are referred to as sun tunnels or roof windows, and many have built in blinds and/or vents. When skylights are installed, it’s critical that the flashing (head flashing, sill flashing, and side flashing) is inserted properly to avoid leaking. We can install and repair skylights on all types of roofs.

Solar Tubes (Tubular Skylights)

Solar tubes, also known as light tubes or light pipes, collect natural light and distribute it into rooms. Solar tubes work well, thanks to reflective materials that direct the light rays from a collection point on the roof to the inside of the building. We can install and repair solar tubes on all types of roofs.

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Smoke Vents

Smoke vents on a roof are an important component of fire protection. In case of fire, vents open automatically (or by hand) to let smoke and heat out of the building.  Smoke vents are typically found on commercial buildings, such as warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities. We can install and repair smoke vents on all types of roofs.

Daylighting solutions have been around for centuries, but with a new emphasis on “green build” and energy efficiency, they’re becoming more popular every year.

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